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  1. Features Steam users can now log in automatically through Steam without needing their Factorio account password. Steam users without a Factorio account can create one by providing only a username. Reworked main menu structure. Added a "Continue" button which quickly loads the latest save game. Added a "New Game" GUI that shows all the ways to play the game Added a setting to the map editor to show/hide the extra entity settings. Added a map editor GUI to edit force data modifiers. Added a PvP team option to create a moat around the starting area. Graphics Added animation to water. Added animation to trees. Added LUTs and color corrected the game sprites. Added sliders to the graphics settings to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. Added on damaged effects for most entities. Added specific dying explosions for most entities. Sounds New or updated sound effects include: Nuclear reactor, chemical plant, furnace, fire, burner mining drill. Tank. Mining by hand, chopping wood Roboport door, Combat robots Player footsteps. Biter and Spitter footsteps. Worm breathing, Spitters and Biters, idling and attacking. New sound features include: The ability to fade out sounds instead of a sudden stop, e.g. for the furnace. Varying the pitch of sounds to a min/max level, to add more variety. A 'Random, no repeat' feature to reduce repetition, especially on sounds that happen frequently, such as player steps. The sound for the game has also been rebalanced to highlight certain sounds and make others fade into the distance. The default sound settings have also been updated to improve this mix. Optimizations Optimized particle logic. Improved performance when side-loading transport belts. Improved performance of inserters interacting with assembling machines and furnaces. Improved performance of inserters when the circuit network turns them off. Improved performance of mining drills and inserters in general. Improved performance of burner entities. Improved performance polluting entities. Improved performance of smoke producing entities. Improved performance logistic and construction robot performance when they're flying towards their target. Improved performance of furnaces and assembling machines that use fluids. Improved heat pipe performance by 3x. Improved item request proxy performance by turning them off in 99%+ of the cases. Improved locomotive, cargo wagon, and fluid wagon performance by turning them off in 99%+ of the cases. Electric networks, fluids, and heat pipes are updated in parallel if you have enough cores. Improved script rendering performance for text and lines. Improved performance of rotated bounding boxes. Bugfixes Fixed the recipe tooltip showing negative values for some complex recipes. (77512) Fixed graphical glitch when GUI element with blurred background got out of bounds of the screen. (78278) Fixed hard coded English string in NPE. (78203) Fixed potential crash in NPE when Compilatron is pointing at something that gets deleted. (77669) Fixed issue where sometimes you couldn't move to the second area in NPE. (77763) Fixed issue where Compilatron would sometimes tell you to build more boilers when that was not the problem. (77931) Fixed issue where Compilatron's speech bubbles could block you from interacting with the world behind him. (77616) Fixed items with excessively long names squashing the count label in the recipe tooltips. (78274) Fixed accumulator charge text in statistics bouncing around because of inconsistent number of digits. (78274) Fixed train path finding penalty when there are 2 or more trains in block. (78336) Fixed a crash when creating trains during the player moved event that was caused by the player getting ejected from a vehicle because the vehicle died. (78620) Fixed a crash when removing mods that had custom GUI elements. (78550) Fixed a crash when using Lua event filters when the thing to be filtered becomes invalid. (78559) Fixed that some turret sounds could be heard on other surfaces. (78503) Fixed that the tooltip for the generator would not show its efficiency correctly. (78226) Fixed a crash related to building tiles in multiplayer with some mods. (78552) Fixed that turrets would sometimes fail to attack things that are in range. (78789) Fixed follower robot lifetime tooltip property not taking into account following_robots_lifetime_modifier. (78842) Fixed cliffs sometimes getting marked for deconstruction when they shouldn't have been. (78504) Fixed inconsistent rounding in the statistics window. (78370) Fixed a desync when setting .active=false on beacons through script. (78469) The map will be re-charted when the mod configuration changes. (78868) Fixed inserters sometimes not being highlighted when selecting a large modded vehicle. (78633) Fixed a crash when entity grid would destroy itself during update. (78887) Fixed a crash with rich text tags and dynamic images. (78980) Fixed setting the held stack of an inserter didn't update the inserter state correctly. (79031) Fixed tooltip alignment in some specific cases. (77904) Fixed a crash when lua removes pipe-to-ground between entity revive and deferred pipe connection fix. (79113) Fixed a crash when setting infinity chest filters to legacy items. (79453) Fixed that splitters could be set to have invalid bounding boxes that would lead to corrupt saves. (78225) Fixed word wrapping of rich text containing tag that doesn't fit given width would duplicate the tag on multiple lines. (79174) Fixed if migrating old achievement data to Steam Cloud failed, the old file would not be deleted resulting in the same error on every startup. (79644) Fixed train pathfinding penalty for circuit network closed rail signal was not applied in some cases. (79640) Fixed a crash when mods would define construction robots without some sprites. (79697) Fixed that trying to do 0 damage would still trigger the entity-damaged event. (79579) Fixed a save corruption issue related to modded loaders with different belt_distance values. (79200) Fixed that train would forget amount of ticks waiting at signal when doing repath. (79640) Fixed that train pathfinder was not counting penalty of last segment length in path cost. (78821) Fixed PvP error on configuration changed. (79296) Fixed pump tooltip showing double pumped amount when pumping to fluid wagon. (79942) Fixed manual ghost revive of a loader in unload mode would not work in visually matching direction. (79124) Fixed calling LuaEntity::order_deconstruction() on item-request-proxy would corrupt the game state leading to crash. (80096) Landfill can be placed over shallow water. Fixed that LuaEntity::color wouldn't accept "nil" to reset the color. (80172) Fixed that train pathfinder was not counting penalty of opposite train stop at last segment. Fixed that train pathfinder was counting penalty of whole starting segment instead of only part in front of locomotive. (79951) Fixed that train pathfinder would return single segment path even if there are shorter, multi segment ones. (79951) Fixed technology screen not showing modifier tooltips when tooltip descriptions are disabled. (79499) Fixed belt tooltips sometimes showing their speed in exponent format. (79100) Modding Added UnitPrototype::light. Removed the "particle" prototype type. Added the "optimized-particle" prototype type. Added the "burner-generator" prototype type. Removed GeneratorPrototype::burner. Added the "pass_through_mouse" option to speech bubble styles. This lets mouse interactions fall through to interact with the world behind. Added optional "radius_color" property to capsule prototype. Removed EntityPrototype::emissions_per_tick, it is replaced by emissions_per_second. Removed EnergySourcePrototype::emissions_per_second_per_watt and emissions, they are replaced by emissions_per_minute. Removed TilePrototype::ageing, it is replaced by pollution_absorption_per_second. Removed ItemPrototype::stackable, primary_place_result_item and can_be_mod_opened, they were replaced by ItemPrototypeFlags "not-stackable", "primary-place-result" and "mod-openable". Added "probability" to trigger items and trigger effect items. Added "script" trigger effect item. It will call the "on_script_trigger_effect" when triggered. Added AttackParameters::rotate_penalty and AttackParameters::health_penalty. Added generic support for rendering radius visualisations on entities through radius_visualisation_specification. Changed construction robots and logistic robots sprites to be optional. Changed the loader prototype type so it has a fixed belt_distance of 0.5. Added the prototype type "loader-1x1" that has a fixed belt_distance of 0. Changed render layer of belt structures (underground belt, splitter, circuit connector) to object layer. They now have special sorting logic, so they are not rendered over player or cars. Horizontal directions of splitter sprites were separated to two sprites (for purposes of the special sorting logic). Added AttackParameters::ammo_categories. Added optional artillery projectile property "rotatable". Scenarios can now contain a description.json file. In the file "order" determines the sorting in the New Game gui; "multiplayer-compatible" determines weather the scenario is shown for multiplayer games. Added "multiplayer-compatible" to description.json file of campaigns also. Scripting Added on_unit_group_finished_gathering and on_build_base_arrived events. Added LuaRendering::bring_to_front(). Changed LuaGameScript::particle_prototypes to reference the optimized-particle type. Added LuaGuiElement::scroll_to_item() function. Renamed LuaInventory::hasbar(), getbar() and setbar() to supports_bar(), get_bar() and set_bar(). Added LuaEquipmentPrototype::attack_parameters read. Added on_script_trigger_effect event. Set lower limit of zoom parameter of LuaGameScript::take_screenshot to be 0.0315 (1 pixel per tile) instead of allowing any value greater than 0. Added LuaPlayer::get_infinity_inventory_filter(), set_infinity_inventory_filter() functions. Added LuaPlayer::remove_unfiltered_items, infinity_inventory_filters read/write. Added LuaSurface::get_entities_with_force(). Added optional "dealer" parameter to LuaEntity::damage(). Added "force" filters to the on_built_entity and on_robot_built_entity event filters. LuaSurface::min_brightness doesn't have any effect on rendering as brightness of night depends only on color LUT of night. Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Tue Jan 21, 2020 1:43 pm — Replies 44 — Views 12476 View the full article
  2. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-330 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Jan 17, 2020 4:23 pm — Replies 11 — Views 253 View the full article
  3. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-329 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Jan 10, 2020 4:34 pm — Replies 60 — Views 3754 View the full article
  4. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-328 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Jan 03, 2020 8:07 pm — Replies 8 — Views 923 View the full article
  5. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-327 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:23 am — Replies 30 — Views 1568 View the full article
  6. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-326 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Dec 20, 2019 2:26 pm — Replies 25 — Views 1830 View the full article
  7. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-325 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:56 pm — Replies 39 — Views 2783 View the full article
  8. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-324 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Dec 06, 2019 12:11 pm — Replies 54 — Views 3548 View the full article
  9. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-323 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Nov 29, 2019 2:49 pm — Replies 25 — Views 1133 View the full article
  10. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-322 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:42 pm — Replies 36 — Views 3561 View the full article
  11. Bugfixes Fixed that the infinity pipe mode could sometimes reset when changing other infinity pipe settings. (78047) Fixed that electric energy interfaces didn't consume power correctly. (77998) Fixed market GUI not showing price in the tooltips of modifiers. (78042) Fixed market GUI showing empty price property in the tooltips when no price is set. Fixed lights render quality slider in graphics settings missing tooltip. (78005) Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:29 pm — Replies 6 — Views 3050 View the full article
  12. Bugfixes Fixed a desync related to biter pathfinding. (77997) Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Nov 15, 2019 5:43 pm — Replies 2 — Views 1691 View the full article
  13. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-321 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:53 pm — Replies 0 — Views 2 View the full article
  14. Changes When a team loses in PvP, all their characters will die. Technology GUI shows saved progress of partially-researched technologies. Bugfixes Fixed a crash when when loading modded saves that had construction robots working on modded entities. Fixed that 'corpses' and 'dying_explosion' wouldn't be created on the correct force. (77685) Fixed that LuaEntity::get_fuel_inventory() didn't work on burner pumps. (77535) Fixed ammo turret tooltip not showing the damage bonus correctly. (77556) Fixed fluid name and amount not being shown when the tooltip is on the side. (77722) Show how module energy consumption is applied more clearly in the tooltips. (77703) Fixed several issues related to modded reactors set to use electric energy. (77244) Fixed spitters were not able to destroy trees and rocks. (77715) Fixed that shift+click recipes in cheat mode wasn't able to handle recipes that included fluids but still only produced 1 item result. (77752) Fixed a difference in map editor paused vs unpaused game ticking related to enabled/disabled train stops. (77762) Fixed that produce item per hour achievements could not be progressed. (77661) Fixed an issue with reading localised strings in Lua. (77769) Fixed that right clicking to add 1 item to assembling machines had no limit. (73698) Fixed that teleporting players/cars between surfaces would invalidate lua references to them. Fixed a crash with trains that had wheels.direction_count = 0. (77655) Fixed statistics not counting items correctly on large intervals when a large number of items are produced/consumed. (77355) Fixed Beacon ghost tooltip missing some information. (77780) Fixed ghost tooltips not showing correct max energy consumption. Fixed tooltips for tile creating items showing wrong title. (77920) Fixed blueprint strings not saving empty values for some circuit network settings. (77303) Fixed PvP config import would always append the default item and equipment lists. (77925) Fixed that creating infinity chests with logistic_mode set would ignore request filters. (77957) Scripting Added LuaEntity::command, LuaEntity::distraction_command, LuaUnitGroup::command, and LuaUnitGroup::distraction_command reads. Added LuaUnitGroup::is_script_driven read. Modding Changed RollingStockPrototype::wheels to be optional. Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Thu Nov 14, 2019 7:11 pm — Replies 6 — Views 2323 View the full article
  15. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-320 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:34 pm — Replies 76 — Views 3023 View the full article
  16. Changes Energy consumption is no longer shown in the tooltip for void energy sources. Bugfixes Fixed a bug in NPE where Compilatron would sometimes loop around smashing things. (76072) Fixed possibility of dying just before a cutscene in NPE, which would lead to a crash. (77179) Fixed game crashing in NPE if it can't find anywhere to spawn a biter. (77486) Fixed using dark coal icon on dark speech bubble background. (75916) Fixed a crash when loading modded saves without the mod when you had entities marked to be upgraded to the now removed modded items but the entity is still valid. Fixed incorrect string for "Fuel Pollution" in tooltip. (77555) Fixed tooltip not showing max consumption correctly when using modules. (77570) Fixed battery equipment and accumulator tooltips showing wrong input flow limit when it's unlimited. (77570) Fixed item tooltips not showing custom_description. (77569) Fixed some item tooltips having incorrect title or description. Fixed that hovering over a logistic request didn't highlight inventory items. (77565) Fixed pump tooltip not showing pumped amount when pumping from a fluid wagon. (77656) Show the products of a recipe more clearly when the product has a probability and/or an interval defined. (77468) Fixed a crash when restarting the game after it failed to load modded fluidboxes. (77617) Fixed tech tree quantity icon being shown incorrectly. (77674) Fixed an exploit related to upgrading ghosts while a robot is trying to work on them. (77665) Fixed target leading logic would cause turret to shoot outside of its range sometimes. (77071) Modding Added AmmoTurretPrototype::entity_info_icon_shift. Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:11 pm — Replies 0 — Views 386 View the full article
  17. Features Construction robots will attempt to batch build tiles. Changes Tooltips reworked. They now have a new structure and look. Properties in tooltips have been reorganized and reworked. Common properties have been added to categories. Added more information to tooltips, for example to be able to calculate steam power and nuclear ratios. Recipe and item tooltips are now separate. Item tooltips will be shown for each product in the recipe, if relevant. Descriptions and Total Raw can be hidden using the interface setting. Reorganized the interface settings menu. Bugfixes Fixed a crash when switching between the map editor and the ghost controller type. (77253) Fixed car movement animation played forwards when reversing. (77158) Fixed a crash related to using LuaCustomTables incorrectly. (77374) Fixed that accumulators wouldn't copy circuit signals correctly in some cases. (77384) Fixed a crash related to removing all collision masks from rails. (77479) Modding Added ProductPrototype::show_details_in_recipe_tooltip. It determines if a product tooltip should be shown when hovering a recipe. Scripting Added filtering support for several common Lua events. Added LuaEntity::logistic_network write for construction and logistic robots. Added "lifetime" optional entity creation parameter for speech-bubble entities. Added LuaEntityPrototype::max_distance_of_sector_revealed and max_distance_of_nearby_sector_revealed read. Changed RecipePrototype so it calculates catalyst from ingredients and products automatically if not manually defined. Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:59 pm — Replies 16 — Views 3731 View the full article
  18. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-319 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Nov 01, 2019 2:10 pm — Replies 34 — Views 2763 View the full article
  19. Bugfixes Fixed crafter would not reconnect heat energy source after rotate in some cases. (67803) Fixed a crash when adding science pack types to labs. (77173) Fixed a crash related to text boxes and clearing them with selected text. (77200) Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Oct 25, 2019 3:17 pm — Replies 1 — Views 3285 View the full article
  20. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-318 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:32 pm — Replies 83 — Views 5653 View the full article
  21. Graphics Extended transport belt sprites a little bit to avoid rendering glitches at some zoom levels. Bugfixes Added missing max_work_done_per_tick in map-settings.example.json. (76870) Fixed that accumulator settings could not be copy-pasted. (76993) Fixed that generators could rotate and render incorrectly. (77028) Fixed bad quest GUI in NPE. (76439) Fixed a crash related to the map editor "recipe locked" setting for assembling machines. (76574) Fixed that Military science pack was sorted after Chemical science pack in the Lab GUI. Fixed low quality texture compression would create major artifacts on some sprites. (77123) Fixed a crash when reading storage_filter on infinity chests. (77128) Fixed a crash when reading LuaEntity::tree_stage_index_max in some cases. (77132) Changed blueprinting selection previews to include both tile ghosts and tiles when only tile ghost entities are being selected. (75925) Fixed a crash that could happen when path_resolution_modifier was set to very low values. (77001) Modding Changed input_flow_limit and output_flow_limit so 0 means 0 instead of unlimited (no value still means unlimited). Scripting Added LuaEntity::driver_is_gunner read/write. Balancing Changed: Amount of copper-cable in Introduction scenario crash site. Changed: Increased minimum size of a resource deposit to 100 in the Introduction scenario. Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:30 pm — Replies 0 — Views 217 View the full article
  22. Bugfixes Fixed another biter-related crash. (76909) Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:05 pm — Replies 3 — Views 2712 View the full article
  23. Here it is! (beep boop) https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-317 Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:03 am — Replies 37 — Views 3048 View the full article
  24. Bugfixes Fixed a crash that would happen on loading certain saves made in previous versions. (76817) Fixed entity selection could desync from mouse cursor when switching to cutscene controller in multiplayer. (76398) Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:06 pm — Replies 0 — Views 312 View the full article
  25. Features Added interface option to adjust the number of shortcut bar rows that are visible on the screen. Added ability to shift click a research in the technology screen to start that research. Allowed setting filters with the ghost cursor. Changes Biters and Spitters will no longer collide with other biters/spitters. (https://factorio.com/blog/post/fff-316) Graphics Added new remnants for several entities. They are still work-in-progress and subject to further change. Bugfixes Excluding runtime fluid mixing check from assembler migration that caused some crashes when loading a save with mixing in it. Fixed landfill map color on old saves. (75870) Added migration to recalculate tile transitions when tile layer definition changes in tile prototype. (75871) Fixed that artillery remote failure sounds could be duplicated in some cases. (75639) Fixed that the game would still process mod dependencies for disabled mods. (75873) Fixed that underground pipes with different length could sometimes connect one tile further. Fixed that the cursor would appear in the wrong position after textbox alignment was changed by scripting. (74971) Fixed placement of scrollbars around textboxes. (74969) Fixed a crash related to teleporting biters during the ai-completed events. (75962) Fixed that non-square crafting machines without fluid boxes didn't rotate correctly. (75944) Fixed that the game would freeze when trying to find automatic artillery targets with very high levels of artillery range. (76056) Fixed tile ghosts sometimes overlapped on edges which created visible lines. (76189) Fixed that the on_gui_switch_state_changed event would fire twice in some cases. (76211) Fixed wrong damage bonus values in tooltips of combat robots and units in a different force. (76182) Fixed that the research screen would show a technology as "available" when it was queued. (75960) Fixed that LuaEntity::last_user didn't support writing `nil`. (76360) Fixed that mod GUIs could show on top of the technology screen after loading a save. (75979) Fixed a crash when using the /screenshot command. (76418) Fixed that the --disable-migration-window command line option didn't always work. (76542) Fixed that pumps had a drain when using a non-electric energy source. (76355) Fixed a bug in fluid system splitting. Changed order of pipe connections to avoid previous cases of fluid mixing. A.k.a Boskid's deferred pipes. Offshore pumps now set fluid filter automatically based on produced fluid. (76286) Fixed crash when closing shortcut selection list while dragging. (76718) Fixed that biters could get overloaded by artillery and stop moving. (64334) Fixed that biters could get stuck during attacks. (74740) Fixed that biter pathfinding could cause unreasonably large save files. (74058) Fixed that biters would attack in a single file due to their colliding with each other. (66977) Fixed that personal roboports would function with literally no power. Fixed migrating pre-0.17 maps with detached characters that had a grid armor in quick bar would corrupt game state. (76466) Modding Added optional flying robot prototype property "max_speed". Added light_renderer_search_distance_limit to utility constants. Scripting Changed LuaEntity::color to also work for cars. Changed LuaStyle::padding, margin to also accept arrays of padding values. Added optional "unit_number" to on_post_entity_died event. Added support to teleport car entity types between surfaces. Added LuaEntityPrototype::call_for_help_radius, max_count_of_owned_units, max_friends_around_to_spawn, spawning_radius and spawning_spacing read. Added LuaForce::research_enabled read. Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.Statistics: Posted by FactorioBot — Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:19 pm — Replies 0 — Views 363 View the full article
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