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Version 0.18.39

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  • Fixed clearing ghost from cursor would not clear quickbar selection. (87329)
  • Fixed blueprint book not shrinking when the last item was destroyed.
  • Fixed crash when Lua received event of player selecting area to deconstruct.
  • Fixed upgrading book by item would not work while being in editor. (87308)
  • Fixed biters not grouping before attacking an artillery outpost. (87297)
  • Fixed crash related to saving blueprint which has all the entities/tiles as question marks.
  • Fixed desync when loading blueprint shelf with modded entities. (87303)
  • Fixed that swapping blueprint cursor into a non transferred blueprint didn't trigger the transfer.
  • Fixed that cycling blueprint book in the shared blueprint library could also cycle the index for other players holding the same book.
  • Fixed that cycling book wouldn't mark blueprint storage to be resaved, so the indexes would be lost if no other changes were done.
  • Fixed a desync when returning to a multiplayer game while the book active index was changed in a different game. (87262)
  • Fixed that the action to put item into a blueprint library was not based on the latency hiding state of held item, which could result into the action doing nothing when the item held was not in the server state yet.
  • Fixed that quickbar links into items contained in blueprint books in the player inventory didn't work.
  • Fixed that it was possible to setup empty blueprint of other player if the original player was still having the quickbar link to it.
  • Fixed that quickbar links did work only for the main inventory of player, so it didn't work for currently equipped armor for example.
  • Fixed that LuaInventory.insert() didn't work properly for blueprint books. (87337)
  • Fixed crash when reassigning blueprint with non-even snap grid size to contain rails. (87369)
  • Fixed crash when holding a blueprint from the blueprint library while being dead. (87363)
  • Fixed that the info for selecting entities to be upgraded was mentioning entities that were marked for deconstruction, even when these are ignored by the upgrade planner.
  • Fixed that ordering deconstruction didn't cancel upgrade order. (87117)
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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