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Version 0.18.38

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  • Improved the blueprint grid visualisation, so it shows a rectangle instead of just the corners.
  • Added blueprint grid visualisation when building in the world.
  • Fixed cleaning ghost cursor. (87257)
  • Fixed crash when clicking a blueprint book upgrade slot with an upgrade planner in hand.
  • Fixed navigating in a blueprint book item when opened directly from a quickbar. (87256)
  • Fixed that it was possible to put book into itself using hand->swap and clean cursor.
  • Fixed that the hand functionality didn't work properly for gun and ammo and gave misleading error messages in some cases.
  • Fixed "slice" property of animation definition was interpreted as dicing parameter, possibly causing large memory allocations. (87274)
  • Fixed that grabbing gun/ammo, swapping it with some other item in the inventory and pressing Q, gave a message of inventory full, instead of the item in cursor not being returnable to the hand location
  • Fixed that Internal inventory stack transfer messages weren't specific enough, or not present at all.
  • Renamed sprite and animation properties for sprite dicing from "slice", "slice_x" and "slice_y" to "dice", "dice_x" and "dice_y", because "slice" collided with property of rotated animation definition used for defining spritesheet sliced into multiple files. Sprite dicing is a technique of chopping large sprite into smaller ones to improve packing in sprite atlas.
  • Fixed a typo (per vs pre) in the on_pre_permission_group_deleted event name.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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