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Version 0.18.37

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Major Features Features
  • Added blueprint building from the map view.
  • Blueprints can have snapping dimensions specified. When they are built by dragging, they are only built in the grid relative to where the build started.
  • Blueprints can have absolute map snapping specified, so the blueprints are always aligned to the global grid.
  • Blueprint books can be inserted into blueprint books, cycling through the books works in a hierarchical way.
  • Upgrade planners and deconstruction planners can be inserted into blueprint books and the blueprint library.
  • Blueprint books, upgrade planners and deconstruction planners can now have custom icons specified.
  • All blueprints tools have an editable description.
  • Added Blueprint reassign tool. It allows to set new contents of a blueprint by world selection.
  • All blueprint tools have a copy function.
  • All the blueprint tools are usable directly from the blueprint library.
  • Quickbar links to blueprint tools are persistent when moving them between library shelves and inventories.
  • Most of the blueprint tools manipulation in the blueprint library is part of a multiplayer latency hiding.
  • Icons on the blueprint tools and filters in the upgrade planners/deconstruction planners are preserving the original values so whenever the mods would be re-added, the original values can be restored, unless the player clears the related icons manually.
  • Any blueprint contents that are not available due to mod removal are also kept in the blueprint persistently, so blueprints can be copied and transferred in multiplayer without losing its original data.
  • Added downgrading feature to upgrade planner. It works on blueprints, books and also when applying in the world.
  • Clicking an upgrade planner button in the blueprint or a book now provides a list of all available upgrade planners to be applied.
  • Upgrade planners now also update the relevant icons of blueprints and books.
Minor Features
  • Grabbing an item from a blueprint book has the same hand item functionality as when holding an item from inventory, so it goes back to the original position when clean cursor is triggered.
  • All the blueprint tools now show all possible actions it can perform in the tooltip.
  • Control settings search now also searches by the currently assigned key-binding.
  • Decreased the header size of blueprint-storage and of individual blueprints with backed up modded entities, as only the id mapping relevant to the blueprints (and whole storage) is now saved.
  • Fixed that exporting blueprint didn't include the unconfirmed blueprint changes into the exported string.
  • Fixed blueprint preview icons rendering scale when blueprint was held in cursor.
  • Fixed that blueprint was not detecting modded data to be lost when loading unless one of the top level entities or tiles were to be lost. This means, that a blueprint with vanilla constant combinator (for example) with a modded signal will no longer silently lose the modded signals on resaving the blueprint storage when the mod is not currently active.
  • Fixed that biters when faced with a rock might get stuck in an infinite pathfinding loop. (86552)
  • Fixed that clicking a technology in the research queue, holding the mouse down and moving it over the cancel button would make the cancel button flicker. (82014)
  • Fixed slider tooltip would show old value. (86632)
  • Fixed terrain particles would be spawned when walking over belts. (84874)
  • Fixed player movement on belts in latency state was not exactly matched with the real game state logic. (84554)
  • Fixed that the set-request GUI didn't respect the show-all-items setting. (86956)
  • Fixed that burner assembling machines could cause inserters to get stuck holding extra fuel in some cases. (87031)
  • Fixed noise.terrace function did not assert that constant parameters are constant.
  • Fixed that item durability tooltips used the wrong locale key in some places. (87000)
  • Fixed that upgrading inserters in blueprints wouldn't preserve modded pickup/drop locations. (86982)
  • Fixed that exporting empty blueprint books didn't work correctly. (86945)
  • Fixed that the mods GUI didn't have any mod selection by default. (85232)
  • Fixed that positions of entities in blueprint string were not properly fixed to be aligned to grid according to our rules and centered.
  • Fixed a crash when mods destroy the character entity during the on_gui_closed event. (87058)
  • Fixed a crash when canceling loading some modded saves. (87086)
  • Fixed that artillery turrets didn't fully use the shooting speed research. (87140)
  • Reduced flicker of mining drill indicator lights when zoomed out. (86777)
  • Fixed lua documentation for LuaGuiElement::index read. (87195)
  • Fixed that biters would try to attack over large distances individually instead of in groups. (86920)
  • Map tag edit GUI can now be confirmed with Enter key even when the textbox is not focused. (86386)
  • Fixed a pathfinder crash related to entities and tiles using collision layers 11 to 15. (82098)
  • Fixed the changelog GUI indentation.
  • Implemented compileIntoCurrentProcedure for the "if-else-chain" noise expression type. This allows non-constant values to be used as conditions.
  • Added "modulo", "ceil" and "floor" noise expression types.
  • Added "bitwise-and", "bitwise-or", "bitwise-xor" and "bitwise-not" noise expression types.
  • Added "sin", "atan2" and "cos" noise expression types.
  • Added "less-than", "less-or-equal" and "equals" noise expression types.
  • Changed turret base_picture animation to actually play the animation.
  • Added several properties to ExplosionPrototype to control light fading through applying a multiplier to the light's size and intensity. "light_intensity_factor_initial" (default 0), "light_intensity_factor_final" (default 0), "light_intensity_peak_start_progress" (default 0), "light_intensity_peak_end_progress" (default 0.9), "light_size_factor_initial" (default 0.05), "light_size_factor_final" (default 0.1), "light_size_peak_start_progress" (default 0.1), "light_size_peak_end_progress" (default 0.5)
  • Added permission events: on_permission_group_edited, on_pre_permission_string_imported, on_permission_string_imported, on_per_permission_group_deleted, on_permission_group_deleted, and on_permission_group_added.
  • Simplified the rules of entity positions aligned to grid in the blueprint. Now they have the same rules as entities in the world.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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