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Version 0.17.77

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  • When a team loses in PvP, all their characters will die.
  • Technology GUI shows saved progress of partially-researched technologies.
  • Fixed a crash when when loading modded saves that had construction robots working on modded entities.
  • Fixed that 'corpses' and 'dying_explosion' wouldn't be created on the correct force. (77685)
  • Fixed that LuaEntity::get_fuel_inventory() didn't work on burner pumps. (77535)
  • Fixed ammo turret tooltip not showing the damage bonus correctly. (77556)
  • Fixed fluid name and amount not being shown when the tooltip is on the side. (77722)
  • Show how module energy consumption is applied more clearly in the tooltips. (77703)
  • Fixed several issues related to modded reactors set to use electric energy. (77244)
  • Fixed spitters were not able to destroy trees and rocks. (77715)
  • Fixed that shift+click recipes in cheat mode wasn't able to handle recipes that included fluids but still only produced 1 item result. (77752)
  • Fixed a difference in map editor paused vs unpaused game ticking related to enabled/disabled train stops. (77762)
  • Fixed that produce item per hour achievements could not be progressed. (77661)
  • Fixed an issue with reading localised strings in Lua. (77769)
  • Fixed that right clicking to add 1 item to assembling machines had no limit. (73698)
  • Fixed that teleporting players/cars between surfaces would invalidate lua references to them.
  • Fixed a crash with trains that had wheels.direction_count = 0. (77655)
  • Fixed statistics not counting items correctly on large intervals when a large number of items are produced/consumed. (77355)
  • Fixed Beacon ghost tooltip missing some information. (77780)
  • Fixed ghost tooltips not showing correct max energy consumption.
  • Fixed tooltips for tile creating items showing wrong title. (77920)
  • Fixed blueprint strings not saving empty values for some circuit network settings. (77303)
  • Fixed PvP config import would always append the default item and equipment lists. (77925)
  • Fixed that creating infinity chests with logistic_mode set would ignore request filters. (77957)
  • Added LuaEntity::command, LuaEntity::distraction_command, LuaUnitGroup::command, and LuaUnitGroup::distraction_command reads.
  • Added LuaUnitGroup::is_script_driven read.
  • Changed RollingStockPrototype::wheels to be optional.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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