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Version 0.17.76

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  • Energy consumption is no longer shown in the tooltip for void energy sources.
  • Fixed a bug in NPE where Compilatron would sometimes loop around smashing things. (76072)
  • Fixed possibility of dying just before a cutscene in NPE, which would lead to a crash. (77179)
  • Fixed game crashing in NPE if it can't find anywhere to spawn a biter. (77486)
  • Fixed using dark coal icon on dark speech bubble background. (75916)
  • Fixed a crash when loading modded saves without the mod when you had entities marked to be upgraded to the now removed modded items but the entity is still valid.
  • Fixed incorrect string for "Fuel Pollution" in tooltip. (77555)
  • Fixed tooltip not showing max consumption correctly when using modules. (77570)
  • Fixed battery equipment and accumulator tooltips showing wrong input flow limit when it's unlimited. (77570)
  • Fixed item tooltips not showing custom_description. (77569)
  • Fixed some item tooltips having incorrect title or description.
  • Fixed that hovering over a logistic request didn't highlight inventory items. (77565)
  • Fixed pump tooltip not showing pumped amount when pumping from a fluid wagon. (77656)
  • Show the products of a recipe more clearly when the product has a probability and/or an interval defined. (77468)
  • Fixed a crash when restarting the game after it failed to load modded fluidboxes. (77617)
  • Fixed tech tree quantity icon being shown incorrectly. (77674)
  • Fixed an exploit related to upgrading ghosts while a robot is trying to work on them. (77665)
  • Fixed target leading logic would cause turret to shoot outside of its range sometimes. (77071)
  • Added AmmoTurretPrototype::entity_info_icon_shift.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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