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Version 0.17.70

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  • Added interface option to adjust the number of shortcut bar rows that are visible on the screen.
  • Added ability to shift click a research in the technology screen to start that research.
  • Allowed setting filters with the ghost cursor.
Changes Graphics
  • Added new remnants for several entities. They are still work-in-progress and subject to further change.
  • Excluding runtime fluid mixing check from assembler migration that caused some crashes when loading a save with mixing in it.
  • Fixed landfill map color on old saves. (75870)
  • Added migration to recalculate tile transitions when tile layer definition changes in tile prototype. (75871)
  • Fixed that artillery remote failure sounds could be duplicated in some cases. (75639)
  • Fixed that the game would still process mod dependencies for disabled mods. (75873)
  • Fixed that underground pipes with different length could sometimes connect one tile further.
  • Fixed that the cursor would appear in the wrong position after textbox alignment was changed by scripting. (74971)
  • Fixed placement of scrollbars around textboxes. (74969)
  • Fixed a crash related to teleporting biters during the ai-completed events. (75962)
  • Fixed that non-square crafting machines without fluid boxes didn't rotate correctly. (75944)
  • Fixed that the game would freeze when trying to find automatic artillery targets with very high levels of artillery range. (76056)
  • Fixed tile ghosts sometimes overlapped on edges which created visible lines. (76189)
  • Fixed that the on_gui_switch_state_changed event would fire twice in some cases. (76211)
  • Fixed wrong damage bonus values in tooltips of combat robots and units in a different force. (76182)
  • Fixed that the research screen would show a technology as "available" when it was queued. (75960)
  • Fixed that LuaEntity::last_user didn't support writing `nil`. (76360)
  • Fixed that mod GUIs could show on top of the technology screen after loading a save. (75979)
  • Fixed a crash when using the /screenshot command. (76418)
  • Fixed that the --disable-migration-window command line option didn't always work. (76542)
  • Fixed that pumps had a drain when using a non-electric energy source. (76355)
  • Fixed a bug in fluid system splitting.
  • Changed order of pipe connections to avoid previous cases of fluid mixing. A.k.a Boskid's deferred pipes.
  • Offshore pumps now set fluid filter automatically based on produced fluid. (76286)
  • Fixed crash when closing shortcut selection list while dragging. (76718)
  • Fixed that biters could get overloaded by artillery and stop moving. (64334)
  • Fixed that biters could get stuck during attacks. (74740)
  • Fixed that biter pathfinding could cause unreasonably large save files. (74058)
  • Fixed that biters would attack in a single file due to their colliding with each other. (66977)
  • Fixed that personal roboports would function with literally no power.
  • Fixed migrating pre-0.17 maps with detached characters that had a grid armor in quick bar would corrupt game state. (76466)
  • Added optional flying robot prototype property "max_speed".
  • Added light_renderer_search_distance_limit to utility constants.
  • Changed LuaEntity::color to also work for cars.
  • Changed LuaStyle::padding, margin to also accept arrays of padding values.
  • Added optional "unit_number" to on_post_entity_died event.
  • Added support to teleport car entity types between surfaces.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::call_for_help_radius, max_count_of_owned_units, max_friends_around_to_spawn, spawning_radius and spawning_spacing read.
  • Added LuaForce::research_enabled read.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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