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Version 0.17.69

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  • Allow closing rich text tags with . as well as /, to allow color tags in save names. (75081)
  • Using wires in the map editor no longer consumes the wires.
  • Added a setting to the map editor to show/hide the infinity filters.
  • Fixed splitter input flipping mechanism. (74273)
  • Fixed pressing Backspace when text box caret was at the start of the text, in front of rich text icon, would delete the icon. (75306)
  • Fixed it was possible to paste non-numeric values to numeric text fields. (75303)
  • Fixed tooltips appearing in the top-left corner during autosaves. (75156)
  • Changed render-layer of smoke used as activity indicator on chemical plant. (75335)
  • Fixed that escape didn't work in the "new scenario for map editor" GUI. (75375)
  • Fixed that prototype-defined locale didn't work nicely related to items that built things. (75419)
  • Fixed a consistency issue with rotation of a modded assembler. (74746)
  • Train will cancel reservation of signals in front of it when it runs out of fuel. (74647)
  • Fixed manipulating with inventory of other character could cause an armor to be deleted leading to save file corruption. (75446)
  • Fixed achievement sound stacking loudly when multiple achievements are unlocked. (75498)
  • Fixed underground pipe connections of a large entity ghost. (75492)
  • Fixed oil refinery was missing shadow on some configurations. (75563)
  • Fixed an issue with loading some saves with modded lengths of underground pipes, such as Py mods. (75552)
  • Fixed that the Lua API allowed setting direction on entity ghosts which would crash in most cases. (75600)
  • Fixed train stations penalty when there are two stations attached to same rail segment. (75555)
  • Fixed rotating underground pipe into mixing and blocked connection. (75494)
  • Fixed that the player cursor stack would be empty during the 'cut' part of cut-paste. (75522)
  • Fixed train stop rich text tags would show as trains. (75611)
  • Added automated fix for another case of fluid mixing. (75484)
  • Changed runtime fluid mixing fix so that it can't be abused in PvP. (75495)
  • Changed the map editor so it can place blueprints with recipes that haven't been researched yet. (75745)
  • Fixed rotation of modded boiler with regard to blocked connections. (75666)
  • Fixed that a pipe block would not get fixed when a rotation removed the reason for the pipe block. (75695)
  • Fixed a crash in the map editor related to 0-count infinity filters and items in the cursor. (75759)
  • Fixed crash when attempting to use LuaRendering to render icon of an entity that doesn't have icon defined. (75797)
  • Fixed fluid mixing from removing a modded boiler in a special setup. (75675)
  • Added 'allow_burner_leech' to inserter prototypes. If set to true, burner inserters will look in the pickup targets fuel inventory when refueling.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::collision_mask_with_flags read.
  • Added LuaTilePrototype::collision_mask_with_flags read.
  • Added LuaDecorativePrototype::collision_mask and collision_mask_with_flags read.
  • Added LuaStyle::rich_text_setting read/write for labels, text boxes, and text fields.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::allow_burner_leech read.
  • Added LuaPlayer::request_translation().
  • Added "on_string_translated" event.
  • Added LuaEntity::get_merged_signal().
  • Added to_be_upgraded to LuaSurface::count/find_entities_filtered. (75132)
  • Added a blueprint entity index to source entity mapping to the on_player_setup_blueprint event.
  • Changed entity, tile, and decorative prototype collision_mask filters to support filtering by 'collides' or 'layers-equals'.
  • Added allow_in_replay flag into LuaGameScript::take_screenshot. (75272)
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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