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Version 0.17.67

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  • New chemical plant graphics.
  • Heat pipes (also in reactors and heat exchangers) glow with high temperatures.
  • Pressing ESC while catching up to a multiplayer game will disconnect instead of opening the menu. (74735)
  • An entity can't be teleported into a position where pipe connections would overlap. (74652)
  • The camera will zoom to center instead of zooming to cursor in God controller, Ghost controller and Spectator controller.
  • Added an area tool to the map editor tile editor.
  • Added highlighting of the source entities when selecting areas to clone in the map editor.
  • Added a setting in the map editor to hide entity health bars.
  • Added a setting in the map editor surface editor to generate new chunks using lab tiles.
  • Added support to manipulate items on the stored character while in the map editor.
  • Added infinity settings for automatically controlling items in the map editor.
  • Changed the infinity chest so it can also spawn hidden items.
  • Rearranged key-bindings in Control Settings to different categories. Improved and added more descriptions of key-bindings.
  • Fixed cloning ghost entities with rotation didn't work correctly. (74635)
  • Fixed that the lab GUI wouldn't update when the technology being researched changed. (74605)
  • Fixed loader front patch and back patch were not sorted correctly when drawing. (74680)
  • Fixed wire connection distance sometimes being inconsistent. (74666)
  • Fixed a rotation of modded pump with regard to blocked pipe connections. (74629)
  • Prevented a crash resulting from teleporting a pipe to a fluid system with blocked connection. (74702)
  • Fixed that the filter GUI tooltip would flicker when changing tabs. (74623)
  • Fixed fluid mixing from creating an underground pipe by script into a blocked fluid system. (74614)
  • Fixed fluid mixing from copy/pasting an infinite pipe next to a different fluid. (74702)
  • Prevented playing Jesus and changing water into other fluids. (74624)
  • Fixed assembler ghost fluid filters disappearing through loading. (74723)
  • Cliffs sections which are fully marked as indestructible can't be exploded. (73939)
  • Fixed interaction of underground pipes with modded length. (74610)
  • Fixed fluid mixing caused by fluid producing furnace. (74648)
  • Fixed that opening the technology GUI in the same tick as the entity tooltip being shown didn't work correctly. (74710)
  • Prevented rotation of a modded assembler with a blocked pipe connection that results in fluid mixing. (74657)
  • Fixed train condition button indentation not being properly updated under special circumstances. (74527)
  • Fixed that train schedule waypoint was considered to be passed when train departed the related rail rather when it entered it. (74678)
  • Fixed that storage tank entities ignored pipe_picture property in their fluid box definition. (74878)
  • Fixed improper action selection for UI actions for key bindings differentiated by modifiers only. (74631)
  • Fixed a crash related to a modded assembler and fluid mixing. (74746)
  • Applied the cannon shadow to the artillery wagon, fixing some unintended highlights. (57931)
  • Fixed crash when removing electric pole. (73458)
  • Fixed event handler could try to register events twice in some cases. (74665)
  • Fixed blueprinted locomotives would preview as snapped to train stop. (74540)
  • Fixed items spilling on the ground when using fast entity transfer while robots are trying to insert into the player. (74819)
  • Fixed hand reserving a non-empty slot in some situations when player inventory auto-sorting is disabled.
  • Fixed custom lua slider sometimes initializing with the marker in the wrong position. (75052)
  • Fixed "list-box" and "drop-down" custom GUI elements would not update selected index when changing its items programmatically. (75044)
  • Fixed that the map editor 'instant blueprint building' would fail to place trains correctly.
  • Rail signal that is to be reserved by circuit network doesn't allow train to go through even when the block is already occupied by the given train. (74506)
  • Rail signal will change from reserved by circuit network state to closed state when train is manually placed into the block it guards. (74862)
  • Fixed train stop name in map not being positioned properly. (75099)
  • Changed default value of LoaderPrototype::structure_render_layer from "lower-object" to "transport-belt-circuit-connector", in order to be consistent with other on-belt structure sprites.
  • Different wall types will connect visually by default. If this behavior is not desired for a wall prototype, set it unique "visual_merge_group". (74695)
  • Added optional random_variation_on_create to all simple entity prototypes.
  • Pump was changed to not expand its bounding box when connected to pipe. Collision box for vanilla pump was adjusted to reflect this change.
  • Added additional filtering to LuaGameScript::get_filtered_..._prototypes() functions.
  • Added optional "tags" to entities in blueprints and entity ghosts.
  • Added optional "tags" to script_raised_revive, on_built_entity and on_robot_built_entity events when reviving ghosts.
  • Added LuaEntity::tags read/write for entity ghosts.
  • Added LuaItemStack::get_blueprint_entity_count(), get_blueprint_entity_tags(), set_blueprint_entity_tags(), get_blueprint_entity_tag(), and set_blueprint_entity_tag().
  • Added on_force_friends_changed and on_force_cease_fire_changed events.
  • Added "area" to on_chunk_charted and on_sector_scanned events.
  • Added "position" to on_chunk_generated event.
  • Added area to the LuaChunkIterator operator() return value.
  • Added LuaPlayer::toggle_map_editor().
  • The script_destroyed_entity event is raised for map editor instant deconstruction.
  • Added LuaEntity::tick_of_last_attack and LuaEntity::tick_of_last_damage write.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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