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Version 0.17.65

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  • Modded achievements and their progress are now stored even when the mods adding extra achievements are temporarily removed. Up to 5000 modded achievements are stored indefinitely. (64884)
  • Programmable Speaker sounds now change volume accordingly as player moves. (60468)
  • Rocket Silo sounds now change volume accordingly as player moves.
  • Fixed tightspot level 5 expecting old chemical science recipe. (74351)
  • Fixed Transport belt madness inserter exploit. (74354)
  • Fixed that filling energy of entities in map editor didn't work for accumulators in electric network.
  • Fixed a crash or desync that could happen after assigning a build_base command to a single unit. (74430)
  • Fixed that mining drill covering more than 1 infinite resource showed the mining speed as sum instead of average. (74443)
  • Fixed that infinite item based resources with yield of more then 100% didn't actually mine more. So yield of 260% for example means that it mines 2 resources and 60% probability of 1 extra.
  • Fixed cloning of accumulators in the map editor not setting available energy correctly.
  • Fixed a desync related to cloning accumulators. (74363)
  • Fixed 2 crashes related to custom-switch. (74459)
  • Fixed that train could consider itself being parked in station when in fact being misaligned. (73653)
  • Fixed that activating deconstruction planner/blueprint/blueprint tool from the shortcut by pressing the buttons didn't clear the cursor if it wasn't empty. (69976)
  • Fixed condition operator button visibility when dragging conditions in the train schedule GUI. (73959)
  • Fixed few layouting issues with scroll panes.
  • Fixed that biters could get stuck in narrow passages between water tiles. (73857)
  • Fixed that members of unit groups could sometimes get far ahead of the group. (74458)
  • Added CraftingMachinePrototype::match_animation_speed_to_activity.
  • Added LoaderPrototype::structure.back_patch and front_patch.
  • Added ability to clear a sprite or sprite-button by writing nil or empty string to LuaGuiElement::sprite. (74491)
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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