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Version 0.17.64

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  • Range modifier and shooting speed modifier are now shown in ammo tooltip and ammo turret tooltip.
  • Allow pressing ESC to cancel saving or downloading the map while desynced. (74198)
  • Added copy paste from assemblers to infinity chests, similar to requester chests.
  • Fixed crash when loading a save containing modded crafting machines with fluid boxes, with mods disabled. (74178)
  • Fixed turret range drawing not accounting for ammo range modifier in world and in map view. Fixed turret unfolding and animation not accounting for ammo range modifier. (65043)
  • Fixed case of swapping left and right lane of underground belts. (74114)
  • Fixed desync related to marking and then un-marking combinators for deconstruction. (73868)
  • Fixed Infinity Chest GUI showing wrong label when modded as a storage chest. (74235)
  • Fixed when target of combat robot changed force to an allied force, the combat robot wouldn't stop attacking it. (74270)
  • Fixed silo script error using generic on_event function. (74276)
  • Fixed a desync related to using multiple custom fluid indexes in a recipe. (74009)
  • Fixed some labels getting cut of in the statistics GUI, on some translations. (59084)
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen when fighting large groups of biters. (74072)
  • Fixed a special corner case of signal internal state consistency. (73560)
  • Fixed that the circuit and logistic network buttons in the train stop GUI were swapped. (74308)
  • Combinators can now be activated or deactivated through LuaEntity::active.
  • Added LuaEntity::upgrade_target read.
  • Removed the ability to convert a table address into a string.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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