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Version 0.17.63

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  • Inventory filters tooltip now shows they are inventory filters to avoid confusion. (62775)
  • The quickbar tooltip now shows what shortcut to use in order to clear it.
  • Quickbar filters can now be set from the ghost cursor.
  • In Introduction, changed some places Compilatron stands at to be less in the way. (74138, 74018)
  • Fixed some combination of graphics options could cause infinite loop at 95% of sprite loading in the demo. (74037)
  • Fixed assigning empty table to sprite definition would not cause loading error but crash in-game instead. (74089)
  • Fixed a desync related to accumulators in multiple networks. (73974)
  • Fixed transitions on tiles where landfill, grass and water meet. (74117)
  • Fixed logistic network technology description did not mention buffer chests. (74064)
  • Fixed "use-version-filter-in-browse-games-gui" config option didn't work. (73838)
  • Fixed possible crash in introduction scenario if player builds turrets too far to either side. (74133, 74060)
  • Fixed electric coverage visualization was not shown when hovering mouse over invisible widgets. (74120)
  • Fixed a crash when using a path_resolution_modifier of 8. (73785)
  • Fixed introduction leftover invisible entity after cutscene. (74127)
  • Fixed introduction bug where sometimes Compilatron wouldn't build things properly. (74087)
  • Fixed "toggle filter" control setting would not work if bound to modifier key and left or right click. (73656)
  • Fixed introduction bug where poles could still connect to the generator after it was destroyed. (74057)
  • Fixed introduction possible crash when removing power consumers. (74041)
  • Fixed missing laser-beam entity from demo. (74049)
  • Fixed issue with walls in hidden smelter section in introduction. (73335)
  • Fixed that biters could form too many attack groups when aggroed by artillery. (72732)
  • Fixed that clicking and dragging electric poles in multiplayer latency didn't work correctly.
  • Fixed that fast-replacing assembling machines with fixed recipes didn't work correctly. (73976)
  • Fixed a crash when deleting surfaces during the same tick as auto-save running. (74159)
  • Moved integration patches of crash site entities to decals render layer. (74017)
  • Fixed that inserters would pick up from the left lane of a loader even when positioned closer to the right side.
  • Added LuaEntity::request_from_buffers read/write.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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