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Version 0.17.61

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  • Combat robotics 2 technology now require Laser. (73856)
  • Fixed fluid mixing checks for some setups when setting an assembler recipe. (73793)
  • Fixed flying notifications showing player's inventory updates were visible to all forces. (73761)
  • Fixed error during PNG decompression would cause crash on Linux. (71058)
  • Fixed that save files could become very large. (73749)
  • Fixed that cloning furnaces wouldn't preserve the crafting progress. (73850)
  • Fixed inserters being slower and rotationally asymmetrical after the previous version.
  • Fixed that wandering units could be activated for longer than necessary. (73672)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to check if 'game' is equal to anything using the Lua API. (73904)
  • Added a check for overlapping crafter fluidboxes to detect wrong mod configuration. (73488)
  • Fixed desync related to inserter ghosts and belts. (73788)
  • Fixed setting health of item stack of item-with-entity-data to 1 would do nothing. (73920)
  • Fixed a desync with the map editor resource editor. (73914)
  • Fixed a desync with the map editor decorative editor. (73954)
  • Prevented some rare cases of fluid mixing tied to underground connections. (73884)
  • Fixed placing entities that consume type of energy other than electric would still show electric coverage visualization. (73774)
  • Added InserterPrototype::draw_inserter_arrow.
  • Added LuaGuiElement::choose-elem-button elem_types "decorative", "item-group", "achievement", "equipment", and "technology".
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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