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Version 0.17.59

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  • Changed expensive variant of electronic circuit to require 8 copper cables instead of 10.
  • User verification must be enabled for public multiplayer games. LAN games, direct-connect, and Steam still don't require user verification.
  • Network message segment size can be configured in server-settings.json, for server providers with large enough upload bandwidth.
  • Added "Build with obstacle avoidance" into controls settings with CONTROL + Left mouse click as default. It re-introduces the possibility to build rails in ghost mode that avoid trees rocks and cliffs.
  • Decreased base damage of Personal laser defense from 40 to 30.
  • Decreased base shooting speed of Laser turret and Personal laser defense equipment from 3 shots per second to 1.5 shots per second.
  • Reverted combat latency behavior to do latency hiding while in combat. (73126)
  • Fixed that extra fast (modded) splitters didn't work properly. (73059)
  • Fixed an inconsistency between area selection and logistic network highlight. (72969)
  • Fixed that probabilistic recipe result that is also a catalyst didn't put itself into consumed statistics when the probability check failed and the item wasn't produced. (71211)
  • Fixed visual errors when dragging train schedule conditions. (73275)
  • Fixed that locale settings didn't save when changed. (73332)
  • Solved that pressing ALT while walking right (D being pressed) stopped the character as it interfered with ALT + D. (67585)
  • Fixed connection preview of underground belt in blueprint in a specific case. (73342)
  • Changed accumulator/wall/underground belt map color to be more contrast against certain tiles. (44597)
  • Fixed laser turrets were shooting beams that would last until target was destroyed even if it got out of range and turret stopped shooting. (73474)
  • Fixed Laser turret shooting speed research didn't increase damage of laser turret. (72360)
  • Fixed Laser turret shooting speed research didn't increase damage of Personal laser defense equipment. (71003)
  • Fixed that biters sometimes couldn't get past other biters. (73208)
  • Fixed that migration scripts couldn't use "require". (73373)
  • Fixed a crash related to fast-replacing modded generator entities without fluidboxes.
  • Fixed loaders would not wake up sometimes after picking up items from them manually. (73398)
  • Fixed that space science pack technology did not have accumulators and solar panels in prerequisites. (72675)
  • Fixed that switching to another window while dragging a widget (slider) with a tooltip didn't clear the tooltip. (65433)
  • Fixed that rails would report bounding box sizes of zero when read through the LuaEntityPrototype API. (73438)
  • Fixed that unit groups could get stuck at the end of their assigned path. (72961)
  • Fixed a desync related to changing forces in the map editor. (73492)
  • Fixed a crash related to fluid connection changes in mods. (73509)
  • Fixed that creating character corpses using player_index was off by 1. (73519)
  • Added extra check to prevent infinite cycle in fast belt building. (73368)
  • Fixed a crash when building train stations when the backers.json file is empty. (73532)
  • Fixed that entities could have their light rendered twice. (73451)
  • Fixed that biters had difficulty pathfinding around crescent-shaped lakes. (72985)
  • Fixed that the "not enough rails" error didn't work correctly in the map editor. (73427)
  • Fixed train would not stop exactly in the station preventing pumps to connect to fluid wagons when a mod was changing speed of breaking train. (73466)
  • Fixed that trains would try to path to train stops on different surfaces. (73551)
  • Fixed pump would not disconnect from fluid wagon when rail besides pump was mined or destroyed. (73449)
  • Fixed a crash related to the rail planner. (73584)
  • Fixed that the mod info label in the technology tooltip didn't line wrap. (73598)
  • Fixed a crash near the start of the NPE. (73481)
  • Changed how beams are drawn to improve seamless tiling of beam segments. Head and tail segments are now stretched to fill space from source/target position to next segment.
  • Changed how beams apply damage. By default, they no longer trigger their action every damage_interval, instead the action is triggered when its owner triggers shooting. The old behavior can be turned on by setting BeamPrototype::action_triggered_automatically to true.
  • It is possible to specify fluid product or ingredient with a fluidbox_index so they use exactly one slot corresponding to the specified fluidbox of the machine.
  • Changed the "market" entity from entity-with-health to entity-with-owner so it now has a force and unit_number.
  • Changed fluid energy source prototypes to error when no consumption limits are set instead of logging a warning.
  • Added util.parse_energy().
  • Added LuaGui::screen.
  • Added on_gui_location_changed, on_gui_selected_tab_changed, and on_gui_switch_state_changed events.
  • Added LuaGuiElement type "empty-widget", "tabbed-pane", "tab", and "switch".
  • Added LuaGuiElement::add_tab(), remove_tab(), and force_auto_center().
  • Added LuaGuiElement::location, auto_center, drag_target, selected_tab_index, tabs read/write.
  • Added LuaGuiElement::switch_state, allow_none_state, left_label_caption, left_label_tooltip, right_label_caption, right_label_tooltip read/write.
  • Added LuaStyle::badge_font, badge_horizontal_spacing, default_badge_font_color, selected_badge_font_color, disabled_badge_font_color, selected_font_color, selected_hovered_font_color, selected_clicked_font_color, strikethrough_color read/write.
  • Added clear_and_focus_on_right_click to LuaGuiElement text-box.
  • Added LuaGuiElement::get_slider_value_step(), get_slider_discrete_slider(), get_slider_discrete_values(), set_slider_value_step(), set_slider_discrete_slider(), set_slider_discrete_values().
  • Added LuaGuiElement::get_mod().
  • Added LuaEntity::loader_container read.
  • Added LuaEntity::belt_neighbours read.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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