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Version 0.17.56

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Minor Features
  • Added option to enable Steam Cloud Sync for blueprint library to Other Settings GUI. Please backup your blueprint-storage.dat if you chose to enable it. The option is available in Steam version of the game and Cloud Sync needs to be enabled in Steam for the library to be actually synchronized.
  • Fixed that the blueprint library GUI sometimes wouldn't update until the mouse was moved. (72624)
  • Fixed that deconstructing tiles in the map editors instant-deconstruction mode didn't work. (73060)
  • Fixed setting FireFlamePrototype::spread_delay_deviation to 0 or 1 would crash the game. (73053)
  • Fixed logistics system tutorial after game script migration. (73066)
  • Fixed that the game would freeze when using LuaLogisticNetwork::remove_item() if the item was only in the players cursor. (72988)
  • Fixed yet another case of rails not merging blocks as expected. (73016)
  • Fixed occasional crash when dragging train wait conditions with brackets. (72899)
  • Removed the focusability of buttons, as we don't support it graphically and the functionality was just half-functional. (72932)
  • Fixed that copy-paste for assembling machines would ignore fixed_recipe. (73115)
  • Fixed that failing to join multiplayer games through --join-game-by-id would fail to show the error and show an empty background. (72991)
  • Fixed inserting items into underground belts with inserters could put items onto the belt leading into the underground belt. (70749)
  • Fixed rail signal internal consistency for some cases of rail cycle with one signal. (72916)
  • Fixed that electric energy interface stopped accumulators from working. (73078)
  • Fixed high CRC time related to large amounts of electric networks in multiplayer games. (73100)
  • Fixed that multiple map settings prototypes could be defined.
  • Removed label style want_ellipsis as it will be used automatically everywhere as with button.
  • All rail bounding boxes are now hardcoded/not moddable. This is to avoid unexpected collision/rail block merging behaviour.
Use the automatic updater if you can (check experimental updates in other settings) or download full installation at http://www.factorio.com/download/experimental.

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