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Mimesis Revived 1.0

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About This File

Halo 2 mod links are dead nearly everywhere. I once was a mirror for Project Mimesis. So naturally I have all the files. I give you 36 of the Mimesis Halo 2 files. All Serenity. These mods were made between 2006 - 2008. If you started modding after that. I'm sorry that you never got to meet these people. 

•Abysall [Pyroman] 
•Aerial [xheadshotmastax] 
•Biohazard I [ScottyGee] 
•Biohazard III [xheadshotmastax] 
•Cableroom [Pyroman] 
•Cassiopeia [Aequitas] 
•Catacomb [TheSwampFox] 
•Citadel [xheadshotmastax] 
•Conduit [Smacktalker] 
•Dead in the Water [Pyroman] 
•Dead in the Water || [Pyroman] 
•Delphia [Jubakuba] 
•Deserted Metropolis [DrXThrist] 
•Duff World [DoorM4n] 
•Echo Station [TunesRus90] 
•Gate [xheadshotmastax] 
•Hideout 2 [halo0001] 
•Hypothermia [theycallmechad] 
•Induction [The Swamp Fox] 
•Infiltration [Pyroman] 
•Moon Stronghold [ScottyGee] 
•Sentinel Base [xheadshotmastax] 
•Sentinel HQ [Pyroman] 
•Sublimation [x088x] 
•Sunnision [xheadshotmastax] 
•The Valley [koekeok] 
•The Forgotten Room [The Flying Dutchmen] 
•Undeadlong [MrMurder] 

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